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Ricoh manufacture an excellent range of high quality prime lenses coupled with excellent technical information and support.  Whilst these lenses are designed for use as Factory Automation (FA) or industrial use they are also perfect for a broad range of other applications where high quality lenses are required.
For example SeeSense regularly supplies lenses into the Film and Broadcast and fit them on to Back-Bone modified GoPro and Sony DSC-RX0 cameras to produce high quality images from an ultra compact stand-alone camera.

Ricoh FL-BC 9MPm lens range

The lens series includes resolutions covering VGA, 2MP and 5MP for sensors up to 2/3″ plus 9MP and 12MP lenses for sensors up to 1″ and 1.1″ respectively.  In addition high quality line scan lenses plus manual zoom and UV lenses are available.

Many of the lenses are unique in having a fixed diameter across the entire range.  The high resolution lenses also use Floating Focus Technology to minimise changes in aberrations caused by different object distances, and increase MTF resolutions even in the corners (Zone 3).  This is really important for machine vision and applications such as broadcast where consistent image quality is important.

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