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SeeSense are a reseller for Z CAM in Europe. Z CAM have designed an exciting range of special cameras for professional applications including cinematic cameras, VR180 and VR360 for broadcast, film and photography applications. Their range includes cameras for cinematography and for VR as well what is probably the smallest MFT (micro four thirds) mount camera in the world. SeeSense offer competitive pricing and quick deliveries across Europe. We also provide complete camera systems including tripods, monopoles, batteries and foam cut cases.

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Cinematic Cameras

The basic Z CAM E2¬†MFT mount professional¬†cinematic¬†camera is¬†capable of shooting 4K resolution @ 160 fps utilising a 4/3‚ÄĚ WDR CMOS sensor, 10 bit colour, and 13 stops dynamic range. It is¬†also available in a more basic format as Z CAM E2-M4 and Z CAM E2-C. However, there is now a flagship range with options of¬†Super 35mm 6K,¬†Full Frame 6K or¬†Full Frame 8K¬†EF¬†mount Cinema Cameras. Z CAM‚Äôs original compact¬†MFT camera is the Z CAM E1 and probably still the smallest MFT camera available today.

VR180 Cameras

There are two VR180 stereoscopic 3D cameras available from Z CAM. The Z CAM K1 PRO includes two Sony EXMOR 4/3‚ÄĚCMOS sensors producing 6K images @ 30FPS or 4K at 60 fps. There is also a pre-production version of the Z CAM K2 PRO available which is based around two of the Z CAM E2 cinematic cameras with iZugar 200 degree MKX200 lenses.

VR360 Cameras

Z CAM currently has three VR360 cameras in their range. These are¬†the popular¬†Z CAM S1 6K camera, Z CAM S1 PRO 6K camera with 4 x¬†Sony¬†Exmor 4/3 image sensors and the professional Z CAM V1 PRO with 9 x¬†Sony¬†Exmor 4/3‚ÄĚ image sensors¬†producing¬†Mono 8K@ 30fps or Stereoscopic 7K @ 30 fps. SeeSense offer a wide range of accessories for these cameras including a proper foam cut case, batteries and VR Corepole and tripod solution.