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Categories: UnderwaterPublished On: April 15th, 202112.4 min read
Nigel Paine

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Anyone who own an action camera will realise that WiFi does not work underwater!  This may not be a problem if you are simply filming the family on holiday however it does raise huge issues with controlling and monitoring the camera if you are working from the surface.  CamDo Solutions underwater WiFi cables allow users to do exactly that!

These Underwater WiFi cables are designed to connect to any camera or camera housing that is fitted with a GoPro mount.  The cable features a transmitter / receiver box at each end of the cable which must be positioned in close proximity to the camera and iPhone / iPad / Android / etc on the surface.  The cable is designed to work at 2.4GHz so you should ensure that the camera WiFi is set to this frequency or the system will not work.  The cables are available in four lengths of 7, 15, 38 and 90 metres and feature a connector at the dry end to enable you to pass the cable through a bulkhead.  When the system is set up you can view the image from the camera and control it in exactly the same way you can when using the WiFi on the surface.

The depth that the system can operate is only restricted by the waterproof capability of the camera or housing. Working a depths greater than 10 metres is challenging and will require more specialist equipment such as a dive housing for the camera.  You should also bear in mind that water absorbs up to 50% of visible light in the first 10 metres.  SeeSense offer a light which is waterproof to a depth 10 metres, the same depth an un-housed GoPro Hero9 can operate.

SeeSense has already supplied these cables for a very wide range of underwater applications.

  • Environment agency inspecting waterways
  • Fish farms checking the condition of their fish stock and the nets
  • Dam and weir inspection
  • Police as a deployable system to search waterways without the need of an expensive diver
  • Inspection in conditions which may be hazardous to a diver
  • Navy for the inspection of dry dock gates and also the inspection of vessels
  • Marina and boat owners for checking boat hulls
  • Underwater film-making
  • And much more . . .

As well as the cables SeeSense can also offer an underwater inspection systems comprising camera, UnderWater WiFI cable, lighting, brackets and weights, etc packaged in a hard case for transport and safe storage.  Please visit the CamDo Page or CONTACT US  for further details.

Camdo Underwater Inspection System