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“High Quality Low¬†Distortion and 4K Lenses”

SeeSense have been distributers of the Theia Technologies lens range for over 10 years, and have a huge amount of experience in the supply of C, CS and S-mount lenses in general. Theia Technologies produce a range of high quality lenses mainly intended for use in Surveillance and Machine Vision applications. However these lenses are equally useful in a wide variety of applications including the Broadcast, Film, Medical and Industrial sectors. SeeSense regularly specifies Theia high resolution lenses for use with 4K and High Definition cameras and have found them to be a perfect partner for Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras. SeeSense works directly with all the major lens manufacturers and can provide competitive pricing and expert technical advice for your requirement.  Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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Theia Technologies Prime (Monofocal) Lenses

Theia Technologies uses patented Linear Optical Technology¬ģ to correct barrel distortion in wide angle lenses without the need for additional software to dewarp the image. They have a 110 and 125 degree prime lenses available in C & CS mount manual and DC auto-iris options. As well as surveillance use these lenses are popular for sports broadcast where they can be installed in a football goal and create an image without barrel distortion.

Theia Technologies Varifocal Lenses

Theia Technologies offer a range of varifocal lenses covering a focal range from 1.8 to 50mm most of which are suitable for high resolution 1/2.3 to 1/1.7‚ÄĚ 12 megapixel (4K) sensors. These lenses are available with manual and DC auto-iris in C and CS-mount plus motorised options as shown below.

Theia Technologies Motorised Varifocal Lenses

The Theia Technologies motorised varifocal lenses are mainly designed for manufacturers of surveillance camera systems to enable the camera and lens to be remotely set up. SeeSense also supplies these lenses to the Broadcast industry where POV cameras might need to be occasionally adjusted. E.g. Reality TV shows, sport, etc. The 12MP resolution lenses are available as 4-10mm, 9-36mm and 12-50mm options. All are available with CS-mount or a smooth 25mm mount with DC or P-iris options. Additionally the lens zoom and focus can be motorised with varying degrees of complexity to suit requirements.

R3      Motorised Zoom, Focus & Iris   (NO DC OR P IRIS)
R4      Motorised Zoom, Focus, Auto Iris & IR Cut
R5      Motorised Zoom, Focus & Auto Iris with Limit Switches for Zoom &amp
R6      Fully Motorised with Auto Iris with IR Cut and Limit Switches for Zoom & Focus

Lens Controllers Available

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