Use this cable to power a Survey3 camera through the USB port and view the live image from the camera from the First Person View (FPV). The cables are available in lengths of 20 or 50cm and for single or dual camera operation.




Product Description

Mapir USB Power and FPV cables provide USB power a Survey3 camera and allow a live view from the camera, and are available in  20 or 50cm lengths and for single or dual camera operation.

When a Mapir camera powering with USB the battery can be removed helping to reduce the overall payload weight.  These cables also incorporate a single SD video out for use in a First Person View (FPV) setup or connecting to an external recorder.

Please Note: You will typically need to convert the power source to the required 5 volts of the Survey cameras in order to use this cable. This is typically accomplished with a UBEC or other voltage regulator.