NEW Back-Bone H12PRO modified GoPro Hero 12 Black camera

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Nigel Paine

The Back-Bone H12PRO is a professionally modified version of GoPro’s latest FLAGSHIP Hero 12 Black 5.3K / 27MP camera.

Video quality is even better capturing 5.3K Video at 60fps or 4K at up to 120fps using the new 1/1.9″ sensor. Incredible HDR photos, live streaming video and industry leading HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilisation make this camera one of the top action cameras on the market today.  Back-Bone’s H12PRO retains all of these industry leading features and quality whilst solving a lot of other camera issues in one go:

Lenses for Back-Bone cameras

Interchangeable Lenses on a GoPro!

Of course the ability to fit interchangeable lenses is the main feature of this modified camera.  Back-Bone modified Hero 12 cameras allow you to fit almost any interchangeable C, CS or S-Mount lens on the camera.  You can achieve any angle of view you might require while maintaining full camera resolution.  Additionally you can fit the camera on to a microscope – perfect for lab work, endoscope – high quality image from a compact camera, or even a telescope.

A separate MFT mount option is also available from Back-Bone.  Most other popular lens types can be mounted with optional adapters.
Contact SeeSense about your lens requirements – 20+ years experience.

Back-Bone H12PRO Modified GoPro Camera Hero 12 Camera with C-mount

Fisheye Lens Compatibility for VR

Importantly this camera now features a new 8:7 ratio sensor enabling a much better image circle coverage.  This makes the camera perfect for VR use be it a 1 lens hemispherical shot using a  280 degree lens, side by side for stereographic imaging, and either back to back or in multiple for full VR360 use.  For all these applications we recommend Entaniya M12 fisheye lenses for the best possible quality solution.

Back-Bone H12PRO modified GoPro Hero 12 Camera With Entaniya lens

Super Compact

This camera has a really compact design, just 72 x 55 x 32mm but is packed with features as you can see below

Back-Bone H12PRO C-mount Configuration

A Camera with Onboard Recording

There is no need to connect the camera to an external recorder – the camera records direct to a micro SD card.

A Camera with Onboard Power

There is no need to connect to an external power supply.  The camera now utilises a vastly improves 1720 mAh Enduro battery providing double the life compared to the Hero 11 camera – that’s 70 minutes in the highest resolution or 2.5 hours in 1080P.  If you require power for longer shoots then it is possible to exchange the battery or connect one of our Voltaic batteries via the camera’s USB connection.

Live View From A GoPro Camera

Fit the GoPro Media Mod attachment and you can connect an HDMI output into a monitor. This can be used to view a live High Definition 1080P / 60 output regardless of the camera status (Idle, Record or Replay).  This is perfect if you are fitting interchangeable lenses on to a camera like this.  Focus using a large screen and your images will be perfect  . . .

GoPro Media Mod HDMI output

GoPro Quik App

. . . Of course you can also use the GoPro Quik app to frame the picture and focus the lens whilst the camera is running.  This function also allows you to remotely control all camera functions.


WOW! This new feature finally goes someway to help professional film-makers to synchronise multiple GoPro cameras making it simpler to edit footage from multiple angles and ensure they match up.  Simply show the QR code from the Quik app to each HERO12 and the time and date will sync between all the cameras you are shooting with.

1/4″ -20 Tripod Mount

Whilst the GoPro mount connects with other GoPro products really effectively the Back-Bone camera mounting bracket supplied with the camera features three 1/4″-20 standard threads.  This super string aluminium mount allows you to attach the camera to any tripod, bracket, base, etc in your collection!  In addition this mount can be fitted to any GoPro Hero 8-12 camera in replacement of the original mount.


The modified GoPro Hero 12 camera features a precision machined aluminium front which adds strength to the camera AND has the added benefit of acting as a passive heatsink.  This draws heat away from the camera sensor which in turn helps improve camera performance.


The GoPro Hero 12 is the industry leading compact action camera.  The Back-Bone H12PRO camera utilises all of the industry leading features of the GoPro Hero 12 camera whilst adding the ability to fit interchangeable lenses of almost any type.  This allows you to frame the image perfectly whilst retaining the camera’s full resolution with no loss to quality.  Back-Bone modified cameras can be fitted on to microscopes through to telescopes and are used in a broad range of different industries across the globe.  Try the new Back-Bone H12PRO and you won’t be disappointed.

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Back-Bone H12PRO camera packaging