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Built on the the superb Sony DSC-RX0 II and DSC-RXO action cameras, this Ribcage modification kit from Back-Bone takes advantage of the camera’s industry leading features and quality, only now the choice of lens is up to you!  This high grade aluminium modification kit allows users to FIT MANUAL 1″ or 1.1″ C-MOUNT OR MFT-MOUNT LENS LENSES ON TO THE CAMERA (N.B. The MFT mount is passive for manual iris lenses only).

A passive MFT and C-Mount, standard 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 tripod mount, and removable IR-Cut filter are included to allow the camera to be utilised fro a broad range of different applications.

N.B. If you are not confident about converting your camera SeeSense also offer a modification service.


395.00 ( 474.00 including VAT)

Product Description

This Back-Bone Ribcage kit enables users to modify their own Sony DSC-RXOii or DSC-RXO into an interchangeable lens camera capable of accepting C-mount or passive MFT lenses.  N.B. If you are not confident about converting your camera SeeSense also offer a modification service.

The modification kit retains Sony DSC-RXOii / DSC-RX0 camera functionality but with the advantage of fitting a range of different high resolution 1″ or 1.1″ C-mount and MFT lenses.  The high quality machined aluminium parts make the camera more robust and also act as a heatsink for the sensor.

The camera is now also suitable for applications including film and broadcast, medical applications including microscopy, virtual reality, industrial condition monitoring, and much more without being restricted by a fixed wide angle lens.

If desired, the removable IR-cut filter allows you to capture footage in the wavelength of your choice for custom imaging and scientific applications. You can also control up to 5 cameras at once via WiFi and Bluetooth (Android/iOS/PC) or pair each camera with the Sony CCB-WD1 Wired Control Box and create VR or bullet time arrays of up to 100 cameras with frame-by-frame sync accuracy!


Important: RIBCAGE RX0 II is not waterproof. The MFT mount is designed for manual (passive) lenses only.

Error Code: When the camera is modified the auto-focus drive can no longer determine the lens position resulting in an error code E:61:00 appearing on the camera screen.  This in no way affects the camera performance and dose not appear in any recorded images. We live with it because of the superb images this camera can capture :-)

Compatibility Suits Sony DSC-RX0 and DSC-RX0 II cameras
Dimensions 59 (W) x 61 (H) x 33mm (D) (with MFT mount)
Weight Camera 167 g (Including battery & tripod plate)
Lens Mount MFT-mount and C-mount included
  • High quality aluminium CNC machined parts
  • C-mount and MFT mounts included
  • Tripod mount with both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 UNC threads
  • Improves cooling enables extended camera operation
  • Get professional looking Bokeh (defocused backgrounds)
  • Removable IR-cut filter of custom imaging applications
  • Add custom optical filters to suit your application
  • Fit a professional camera in a small space
  • Pick the perfect lens for any situation
    • Wide choice of high quality lenses
    • Manual Iris & Focus Control on the camera
      • More cinematic depth of field
      • Sharper detail
  • Ideal for 360 degree image capture 3D modelling and stereoscopic camera systems
  • Film under IR light / at night

Use a cost-effective 1″ or 1.1″ C-Mount lens or attach your favorite MFT manual lens by changing the adapter (Included). Clean 4K UHD HDMI output for uncompressed external recording

Modification kit for Sony DSC-RX0 and Sony DSC-RX0 II cameras

  • 1 x Aluminum front plate
  • 1 x Steel MFT mounting ring
  • 1 x Aluminum C-Mount ring (for alternate configuration)
  • 1 x Tripod mounting plate with both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threads
  • 2 x IR-Cut Filters
  • 1 x MFT body cap
  • 1 x C-Mount body cap
  • 1 x Plastic spudger
  • 2 x Allen keys
  • 1 x Bag containing screws, o-rings and misc hardware
  • 2 x 100μm shim
  • 1 x 300μm shim

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